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Journalists and corruption, face to face  *  Police torturers but no shame  *  Liberties at stake in Egypt vote  *  Spring is here, but not in Egypt  *  Judges washed off their hands  *  Unprecedented wave of labor resistance  *  Cartoon revolution  *  Mubarak's new victim Al-Hiwar  *  Against the odds  *  Technology Helps Spread Discontent  *  MDs take on dictator Mubarak  *  April 6th strike .. Well Done  *  M.B to boycott municipal elections  *  Police used deadly force- boy dead  *  Preparation for another strike is on  *  US criticises Egypt over restrictions ;-)  *  George Ishaq arrested  *  Bloody Mubark arrests journalists  *  George Ishaq released  *  Mubarak regime sentenced 25 MBs  *  Egypt frees Facebook activist  *  Little protest on dictator's 80th birthday  *  Police stripped and beat Facebook activist  *  
Police stripped and beat Facebook activist
Human Rights Watch on Sunday condemned the treatment by Egyptian police of an activist who ... more
Little protest on dictator's 80th birthday
Egypt frees Facebook activist
Mubarak regime sentenced 25 MBs
George Ishaq released
Bloody Mubark arrests journalists
George Ishaq arrested
US criticises Egypt over restrictions ;-)
Preparation for another strike is on
Police used deadly force- boy dead
M.B to boycott municipal elections
April 6th strike .. Well Done
MDs take on dictator Mubarak
Technology Helps Spread DiscontentAgainst the oddsMubarak's new victim Al-HiwarCartoon revolutionUnprecedented wave of labor resistance
Judges washed off their handsSpring is here, but not in EgyptLiberties at stake in Egypt votePolice torturers but no shameJournalists and corruption, face to face
another 8 MB members arrested
35 MB members arrested
Egypt Violating Religious Freedoms
AFP: MB should not be banned
Amnesty: Cairo centre for torture
73 arrested without any chanrges
Police torture is a common problem
Lawyer withdraws from kidnapping case
Senior MB member barred from travelling
Prosecutor order police officer arrested
Blogger's Detention Extended
Court says no-one can ban veil
Police detain well-known blogger
Egypt One Of Worst Internet Censors
Urban poor turn to the street
US jails Egyptian couple for slavery
EOHR annual report
Human rights abuses
Who will stop agressions against farmers?
Risks of Child Labor in Egypt
Farmers are calling for help
Stand against the Killing of Free Thinking
A Noble Knight has left our World
Violent eviction from land
Chamber of commerce rigged elections